How does one express gratitude through a simple review? I’m almost at a loss for words when trying to convey my appreciation for not only the kindness I was shown, but that indeed there are a rare few that still go “above and beyond” for their customers without any expectation of extra compensation. One such individual is Norton Lambersky of Door 2 Door Movers Inc. I met Norton a few years ago when I was planning a move but unfortunately he was already booked. So when I found myself in a position again to be moving I called him right away. Thankfully this time he was available and more than happy to assist with my move. Norton took the time to come out and personally quote the job, giving me numerous tips and suggestions. His friendly and infectious personality matches his quirky sense of humour naturally as well. You can’t help but laugh or smile when around him. He assured me and gave his word that this move would go as planned; making me feel at ease especially since my last move did not go very well. But what puts this review over the top was that I experienced a delayed closing by my purchaser which caused an EXTREME amount of stress and also caused huge scheduling problems. Within a matter of 2 days I think my moving/closing date changed 5 times! On the first occasion I called Norton in tears the evening before my scheduled move. Instead of getting upset or charging me a cancellation fee he quickly jumped into action. He called his connections, but in the end was able to reschedule and juggle his calendar to accommodate my changes. But this wasn’t the first change, in a matter of 24-48 hours I made another 3 or 4 calls to Norton. Each of them frantic from my end. Norton was so sweet, truly endearing and told me he’d do his absolute best to help me - even if that meant he didn’t get the job. At the end of the day, he was able to accommodate my last and final change. The kindness he showed truly left me speechless, this is a man I barely know yet he was willing to do whatever he could to not only ensure my move went smoothly but also that I was happy. On the day of my move his men showed up exactly on time and ready to go! They were efficient, worked well together as a team and didn’t once falter in their professionalism. Their gear was clean and tidy, they used matts and blankets, and not one item was scratched or damaged. They were friendly, personable and hard-working. I’m now in my new home, slowly beginning to settle, and I can’t thank Norton enough for everything he did to ensure I was a priority. I truly felt he cared for me, and that he’s genuine and true to his word. Without ANY doubt, if you’re looking for a mover hire Norton. Hands down, no questions asked, he’s a class act and one of a kind!

Kathy Bird

On the advice of my realtor Susan Macarz of Re/max Ultimate, I used Door 2 Door Movers. My move went well and I was surprised at the end of the move, as my final price was a lot less than I had anticipated. Thank you Susan for referring me to this company and to Norton for all of his moving tips. I will be using Door 2 Door Movers again and again.

D. Morley

I have used Door 2 Door movers three times now, all three moves have been without a hitch. Thanks to Norton and his crew for their excellent service.

Gail C

We booked Door 2 Door Movers on the recommendation of our Re/max Agent. Glad we listened. We opted for a two-day move, suggested by the owner, and this alone was a mitigating factor in our excellent move. The men worked non-stop, quickly, with fabulous attitudes. The manner, in which the men treated our possessions, and our family, did not go unnoticed. Nothing but high praise, for the men who did a long tough job. Amazing.

P. & P. Kyriotes

I was so happy to have used your company for my move. You have great guys working there. Friendly, responsible, and hard-working. I will recomment you to everyone I know

M. Arathoon, Pickering